Haugen Law Firm is a full-service firm which concentrates its practice in intellectual property law. In particular, Haugen Law Firm specializes in analyzing, obtaining, and enforcing patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Attorneys at Haugen Law Firm are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and have significant experience assisting clients through the patent and trademark registration process. Haugen Law Firm also works closely with a network of global associates to provide local access to the patent and trademark offices throughout the world.

The mission at Haugen Law Firm is to provide its clients with expert advice on intellectual property matters, and to treat its clients with utmost respect and diligence. In an effort to encourage open dialogue with prospective clients, it is the policy of Haugen Law Firm to provide an initial consultation free of charge.


Patents are a core asset protecting novel developments and improvements in a vast array of technological disciplines. Patents establish for those individuals who conceived of an invention an exclusive right to use and exploit that invention. This exclusive right may be used to prevent others from making or selling a patented product.

Generally, patents may be obtained for inventions involving a new function, a new design, or a new plant species. Patents are granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as patent offices in many foreign countries.

The formal process for pursuing a patent begins with the preparation of a patent application, which describes the invention in detail, and filing the application in one or more patent offices throughout the world. The patent application is then reviewed by personnel at the respective patent offices to determine whether the invention as described in the application is indeed unique in view of what others have done in the past.

The patent attorneys at Haugen Law Firm PLLP have broad experience in obtaining patents on behalf of their clients. Haugen Law Firm patent expertise spans a variety of technologies, such as medical devices, materials science, analytical equipment, automotive suspension systems, computer systems, and general mechanical devices. Haugen Law Firm clients range from large, multi-national corporations to individual inventors.

The attorneys at Haugen Law Firm PLLP welcome the opportunity to sit down with new clients to discuss their intellectual property protection needs. It is the policy of Haugen Law Firm PLLP to conduct an initial consultation with new clients free of charge.


Trademarks and service marks are important aspects of intellectual property that protect commercial reputation by preventing others from using your product names, company names, logos, and the like. Trademarks and service marks establish a commercial identity for the owner, and promote consumer recognition and enhanced value for products sold under such trademarks and service marks.

Trademarks and service marks may be registered at the state and federal level, and may also be registered in many foreign countries. The formal registration process involves the preparation of a trademark or service mark application, which describes the mark and the goods or services associated with the mark. The application is then filed in one or more registration offices (such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office), and reviewers at the registration offices insure that the mark being applied for is not being used by others in a similar fashion.

The attorneys at Haugen Law Firm PLLP have significant experience in obtaining trademark and service mark protection for their clients, both in the United States and abroad. Haugen Law Firm attorneys also assist clients in clearing marks for use, in policing existing marks, and in challenging similar third party marks before the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board, and in Federal Court.


Copyrights protect original works of creativity, including, for example, computer programs, web pages, literary works, musical works, pictorial works, dramatic works, three-dimensional art works, sound recordings, motion pictures and other audio-visual works, and architectural works. Copyright registrations may be obtained from the United States Copyright Office. The United States Copyright Act provides copyright owners the exclusive right to control the reproduction, distribution, performance, and display of the work, as well as the preparation of derivatives of the protected work.

Under the Berne Convention, a creative work that has been registered in the United States Copyright Office is enforceable in many foreign countries without further registration. Therefore, a United States copyright registration may be used to protect a work from unauthorized imitation in the United States and in many foreign countries.

Haugen Law Firm attorneys are experienced in assisting clients obtain, maintain, and enforce copyright registrations. Haugen Law Firm advises its clients in how to best protect their valuable creations.


Licensing of intellectual property authorizes others to use the intellectual property in a manner agreed to by the intellectual property owner. Licensing enables the intellectual property owner to more thoroughly and effectively utilize the rights associated with that intellectual property. Greater utilization of the intellectual property increases the return on the investment placed by the owner in that intellectual property.

Examples of licensing arrangements include patent licenses, manufacturing agreements, product development agreements, distribution agreements, and private labeling agreements. Licensing finds particular value in situations involving a licensee who has a unique capacity or capability not possessed by the intellectual property owner.

Haugen Law Firm PLLP has significant experience in counseling clients on intellectual property licensing matters. Haugen Law Firm attorneys have drafted, reviewed, and negotiated intellectual property license agreements covering a wide array of issues and technologies.


As a full-service firm, Haugen Law Firm PLLP represents clients in disputes involving intellectual property. Haugen Law Firm attorneys assess the nature and circumstances of the dispute, and counsel their clients on reasonable goals and expectations achievable upon resolution of the dispute. Haugen Law Firm encourages a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution, including consideration of cost-benefit analyses and selecting the appropriate legal mechanism for substantiating the client’s dispute position.

Haugen Law Firm PLLP represents clients in various forms of dispute resolutions, including patent, trademark, trade dress, unfair competition, and copyright litigation in state and federal courts, proceedings before the Trademark Trials and Appeals Board, mediation, and arbitration.

Haugen Law Firm PLLP also routinely assists clients in negotiating amicable settlements enforced through written agreement among the parties.


Haugen Law Firm PLLP provides a number of legal services related to the pursuit, exploitation, and enforcement of intellectual property. These related services include, for example:

  • Conducting prior art searches and trademark conflict searches
  • Rendering written opinions on invention patentability, likelihood of infringement, and freedom to operate
  • Due diligence inquiries
  • Drafting and negotiating Confidentiality Agreements, Joint Development Agreements, and Supply Agreements
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions
  • Intellectual property portfolio evaluation and management activities